By: Kiara

We’re lost. Again. Seriously, it would be great if we could make it through the forest just once without getting lost. And ya know what? It’s all your fault. If you hadn’t agreed to go with me this never would have happened. We could be at the village if you hadn’t agreed with me to stop and pick the flowers. We’re lost again and it’s all your fault. Dad told me to leave you at of my adventures, but no, you just had to agree to come with me. So it isn’t my fault, it’s yours. You had to agree that i’d want you to come. So you came, and this is all your fault. You agreed to me going, and stopping, and dawdling, and it’s all your…oh. Wait a second, it’s…me. I’m the one who dragged you into this. I’m the one who got us lost. And, I’m the one who’s sorry. It’s my fault. All my fault. Well, mine and maybe a little bit yours.

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