Clueless at Costco
So one day, I walked into a big garage looking door for some food. There was a sign on the garage door that said: Costco employees wanted! There were isles everywhere. All on a sudden a mean lady in an apron came up to me and pointed to isle.
Counts on fingers to three adding weird nouns in there
THREE! Next thing I knew, she shoved a weird dress in my face, maybe a bib? boy was I hungry! After she trudged away, I spotted a little table with little cups of little food. Finally! I started digging in, but got weird looks from people walking by. How rude! Next, a couple kids ran over and took some of my cups! MY CUPS!Even ADULTS were taking the food right from my table. So, I did what anyone one would do. I jumped on the table and screamed at them. Then, a big dude called over another big dude wearing an apron just like mine. He dragged me out of the big garage and took my bib. I didn’t even get to finish my food, what a horrible restaurant!!